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About Sidoti

For over two decades, Sidoti has been the premier provider of independent securities research focused specifically on small cap companies—generally with market caps between 100 million and 3 billion—and the institutions that invest in small cap equities.  


Reasons to attend:


  • A Unique Nexus for the Small Cap Community: Our exclusive focus is facilitating interaction between small cap companies and investors with a specific interest in a market segment we believe to be underserved by alternative meet-ups.

  • Leading Investors: Because our research is provided to many of the leading small cap money managers on Wall Street, our conferences are attended by many of the most prominent investors in the small-cap arena. We have recently expanded our outreach to family offices and investment advisors interested in great small cap ideas.

  • Efficient Corporate Access Due to Critical Mass: Your corporate access needs can be met efficiently at our events. At each of Sidoti’s last two conferences, over 120 small cap issues presented their investment theses to on average 650 registered institutional investors through corporate presentations and over 1000 one-on-one meetings.

1x1 Meetings

1x1 Meetings